What is a Hero?

Is it a goalkeeper that saved the ball?
Is it a baseball player that scored a home run?
Or is it a fireman that risked his life saving a little child from an inferno?

A hero comes in many forms, masked unmasked. Different kinds of people celebrate different types of heroes. A young bank robber may refer to a seasoned robber as his hero; a physicist sees Einstein as a hero; the little child that survived the inferno regards the fireman as his hero.

A hero seeks justice, but does not brag about it nor seeks attention; a hero wants the better for the people he is looking after; a hero sacrifices himself for the greater good; a hero is not a hero at all, at least in their own mind;

“…a hero is always in the shadows and never in the spotlight and they would not have it any other way.” (Green, 2014)

Here’s a question, how and can we define a Hero on the Internet?

Does it has to to have the spirit of putting other people’s priority before its own like the fireman? Does it still remain a person in the shadows, never in the spotlight, and never claimed themselves to be a hero at all? And can hackers be called a hero too because they helped companies to identify their security problems, preventing companies from attacks that result in losses?

Can Anonymous be regarded as the hero of the Internet?


Green, A (2004). What Is a Hero? [Online] Available on: <http://blogcritics.org/what-is-a-hero/&gt;  [Accessed on: 11 January, 2014]


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